Cyprus Company Formation

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The Cyprus Companies Law Cap 113 is based on the English Companies Act of 1948. It was initially written in English and then translated into Greek language. It was subject to many changes throughout the years. The most popular, types of companies incorporated in Cyprus are Holding, Trading, Services, Consultancy, Royalty and Financial Services as well as companies for the Shipping sector. The period for the company formation is 12-15 business days including the name approval which is the first step to the last which is the receipt of the official certificates and the Memorandum and Articles of Association. In the meantime, our office is preparing all the internal documents to be created based on the Companies Law, Cap 113, with the incorporation of the company.

A company in Cyprus can have five alternative forms:

  • Private company of limited liability with shares
  • Public limited liability company with shares
  • Limited Liability Company with guarantee without share capital
  • Limited Liability Company with guarantee and share capital
  • Variable capital investment company

Other services we provide:

  • Registration to TAX and VAT Departments
  • Registration in Social Insurance
  • Securing Trademark
  • Compliance Checks

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