Cyprus Company Formation

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The Cyprus Companies Law Cap 113 and the Cyprus Law on Partnerships and Trade Names, Cap 116, are based on the English legal framework. Generally all legislation of the Republic of Cyprus where initially drafted in in English and then translated into Greek language. The legal framework of the Republic of Cyprus has been generally revised many times over the years, with a focus on improvement and to match the international and European requirements. 

Currently the types of entities that can be registered in the Republic of Cyprus include:

  • Private Limited Company by Shares or by guarantee (Ltd or Limited)
  • Partnership (General or Limited)
  • Business Name (Trade Name)
  • European Company (SE)
  • Branch (Overseas Company incorporated outside Cyprus)

Our law office offers the entire registration procedure, as well as offer a customized opinion from our international tax consultants to make sure that the client gets the best option for their tax optimization purposes.

Our International Tax Consulting & Compliance team offers amongst others:

  • Registration to TAX and VAT Departments
  • International Transfer pricing studies
  • Business Plan preparation and forecast income projection
  • Registration and reporting on VIES
  • IP box application and use
  • Registration in Social Insurance
  • Required regulatory compliance checks

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