Escrow Services

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 A professional Escrow Agent will help you successfully mitigate risks in business and financial transactions. We enable you to close deals promptly, securely, and without unforeseen surprises, from start to finish.

For a buyer, we ensure that documents and/or funds are released according to the strict terms and conditions of the agreement between the parties.

For a seller, we ensure that no documents and/or titles are transferred to the buyer unless we are strictly satisfied that the buyer has the funds and is available to be transferred to the seller, as per the parties’ agreement.

An escrow Agent can be used for:

As a guarantee for successful completion of an agreement (such as a Share Purchase Agreement or an Option Agreement), especially where a large amount of money is involved and a sequence of events to be fulfilled by the parties;

As a guarantee for the due performance of an agreement by all parties;

In all cases where a party worries about the counterparty’s due performance;

Avoidance of unnecessary court actions and/or interim orders in the events of failure of one party to perform.

When a transaction is to be made and our Escrow services are used, escrow money received is held in a secured escrow account for the particular escrow service and not in a pool escrow/deposit account for two or more escrow agency services or other clients’ funds held by Elena Kyriakou & Associates LLC.

Our policy is that each Escrow account has its’ own bank account under the Elena Kyriakou & Associates LLC management. Our law firm is duly authorized to maintain Escrow, Trust, or Clients’ bank accounts.

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