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Our team advises both individual and corporate clients. Dealing with all matters relating to immigration law, Citizenship applications, employment permits, permanent residence permits, and immigration permits. Visas applications for immigration permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits, and visas. We provide an integrated service, optimizing tax and other benefits in conjunction with the client’s advisers in his or her country of origin and anywhere else they may have financial interests.

The freedom of movement and residence of EU nationals in Cyprus may only be restricted if it is reasonable to do so on the basis of a threat to public order, safety or health. There are however, restrictive laws and regulations with respect to issuing entry, residence and work permits for non-EU nationals. These laws and regulations are often subject to changes, continuous adjustments and amendments. In general, all non-EU nationals who intend to take up employment in Cyprus need to apply for a work visa.

Our immigration team is proud to announce the expansion of our migration services. For our Law Firm, borders are simply lines on a map.  Our immigration team can now assist in immigration and migration to more jurisdictions that Cyprus.

Our branch in UAE can now offer the option of migrating your business to the middle east. Some of our services include:

  • Visa and immigration assistance
  • Destination selection
  • Housing and accommodation
  • Settling-in services
  • Cultural orientation
  • School and search enrollment

Our law firm may assist you in forming the most functional business structure by choosing the proper business module, and can furthermore provide guidance for office rental options, recruitment options, migration and certification of qualifications for individual, operational license for entities, personal housing options for individuals and so much more.

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